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a famous actor of maverick james garner

JAMES GARNER, a famous successful Los Angeles actor of “Maverick” and “Rockford file” who was born in 1928 in Oklahoma, passed away at his 86 at his own home. he was declared dead after the ambulance arrived at about 8pm on Saturday .

James Garner is a good actor as we see that there are some of his achievements such as in Academy awards as the best actor category in “Murphy’s Romance”. He also got Emmy Awards as a proof his goodness in actor. Additionally in 2005 Lifetime achievement award was given to him by the Screen Actors guild.

He took a role in film and television actor. Some television series that he starred were Bret Maverick in 1950′s, The Rockford files, and western comedy series Maverick, On the other hand, he also starred many films, some of them are The great Escape in 1963, Grand Prix in 1966, and Murphy’s Romance in 1985.

James Garner got a tough time as he was child. His mother was died then his father remarried again. From his place of birth, Oklahoma, his family move to the west and then settle in Los Angeles. Then a James Garner becomes a star with his hard work

Talking about family, He got married with Lois in 1956 only a few weeks after their meeting in. He has one daughter, Greta Garner with his wife Lois. Garner also has a daughter, Kim from his previous wife.

Murphy's Romance, james garner

james garner and his family, lois clarke and greta garner

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